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Sarah C Mueller is a young vagrant who likes pie and old things. Her home is a trailer named Towlola. She writes fiction and road stories, and keeps company with two scoundrel dogs. Follow her on twitter @sarahcmueller.
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If you own an RV and use it infrequently over a couple of years, things are bound to break. Adjustments are necessary, even if things were working perfectly “the last time you used it.” Ask me what happens when you get the leaf springs in your truck replaced. What? The back of your car gets higher. And what does that mean for your trailer? It needs to crank up higher to hook up to your hitch. 21 inches on the Jeep now. My jack couldn’t cut it. And no amount of raising blocks underneath the jack stand would give me the height I needed. So I tried adjusting the hitch – making it lower to match the …

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Hiking is like life. Sometimes, you take the same walk for the hundredth time, thinking you’ll get the same old path, and find a hillside full of wildflowers instead. After much patience, and way too many emails, walking the same old paths to employment, we finally found a great job beyond the mountains! The big city is calling, so Lola and I were enjoying a few of our last days in the desert before rolling on. Monty and Niko and I hiked high into the hills. It was amazing, not only to see things growing again, but thriving in this desert dust. Everywhere we turned was a new type of flower: asters, poppies, beebalm, cactus, yucca, and …

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Life in a California trailer park is quiet and strange. I won’t say exactly where it is, but know the park where I’ve been living is near LA and in the desert. There are about 50 to 75 trailers here, most of them full-timers, like me. Like the park in Amarillo, you can tell those that don’t move because they’ve got moats of stuff surrounding their rigs. There’s a playground, and an okay-looking pool, hot showers, and internet that works…sometimes. So it suits my needs, and the price is right. The funniest part about this park was that I had to “apply” to be allowed to stay here by sending a picture of Lola, because she’s vintage. …

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Looking towards LA.

The road is long, but the time it takes to gain employment is even longer! Here we are, still in sunny southern California. It’s spring now, and I’ll be honest, I’d hoped to have more news, or at least be too busy to post. But alas, since posting my op-ed on trailer parks last month, Lola and I haven’t moved an inch. We’ve been staying at a small trailer park in the desert, paying month to month rent, replying to job ads like mad and dashing over the hills for interviews. (Or rather, I’ve been applying to jobs and the dogs have lounged lazily in the trailer, waiting for their daily desert hike.) Los Angeles is supposed …

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So you’re…considering…living in an RV park? Maybe you’re traveling in an RV or travel trailer, and you want to know what it’s like in extended stay parks. Maybe you’re downsizing, and you want a cheap place to live, full-time. Maybe you’re moving, and you need a temporary place to stay (like me) for a couple of months. Here is a list of 10 coping skills and character traits you’ll need: 1. You don’t mind living outside. One of the downsides of living in your tiny-home is that it’s tiny. You won’t like spending every second in an 8X10 space, trust me. You’ll have to learn to love the great outdoors, be it dining al fresco on a …

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  Nothing lasts forever when you’re an unemployed travel blogger, especially not posh places on the beach. I knew that soon my adventures would have to take a hiatus while I looked for work to beef up the coffers. I knew soon that Lola and I would have to find somewhere cheap and decidedly more horrible to live. That’s why I chose to spend three glorious days at the Jalama Beach campground, just south of the air force base in Lompoc, CA. The beach is difficult to get to from the highway. It’s about 14 grueling, hilly miles on a road with no shoulder and many hairpin turns. I’d recommend making this trip either early in the …

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