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The campgrounds in the North are beginning to close for the season, so my options are becoming more and more limited. So one night I spent the night in a township campground that the internet designated as “free.” It’s as advertised, though the internet did not mention that you may not want to stay there unless it’s the height of summer and it’s full of tourists. I was the only one there. I mean I was the only one camping there. There were no trees, no bushes, just a ball field and a lamp post and some hookups in fully view of the road. There was a shower house, which was clean. But it wasn’t really any …

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Down the road from Barraga towards Bruce Crossing there are many niches to explore just off M28. Agate Falls can be seen from a roadside park. There is a train trellis overtop. I wished there were hiking trails so that I could scope out the bottom of the falls, but alas, there were none. Bond Falls is a short drive down a very picturesque country road from M28. Sidenote: it’s just outside of Paulding, which you may have heard of since it is famous for it’s “Mysterious light.” There is apparently a place there where you can see a strange light coming from the woods if you are there at night (I do not venture out much …

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Well, it’s been a big day! Lola and I set off about 9 o’clock this morning. I was so nervous, I nearly forgot the dogs. It took 6 months of planning, weeks of preparing, days of packing and storing stuff, and hours of driving, but here I am. Cadillac, Michigan at the state park camp ground. The drive was better than I thought it might be. State road 31 cuts straight through the heart of Indiana, a flat, uneventful drive full of cornfields. It gets a bit hillier in Michigan, though much looks the same. Grand Rapids is aptly named, not for a rushing river but for the lanes of rushing traffic that course through it even …

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