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I spent two cloudy days in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the capitol, highest elevation of any capitol in the US. (Had I known this, I might have reconsidered.) The road from Tucumcari doesn’t SEEM that steep. The climb is gradual. However, Lola and I fought an awful headwind, and even going downhill could only manage 50 mph. I was constantly fiddling with Sacajewea’s air-con (A trick with old Jeep’s. Turning the ac on activates a secondary fan, which sucks more air into the engine, thus cooling it.). I even stopped once or twice, fearing that she would over-heat. She didn’t. She performed like a champ, and in our final leg of the journey the wind died down, …

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As a former employee of a craft brewery, I appreciate a micro-brew that is full of flavor, well-balanced, and has lots of character. New Glarus Brewing Company makes just such beers. New Glarus is about 45 minutes south of Madison, and is nick-named “Little Switzerland.” The town itself is small, but charming, with a few nice little bars and restaurants, as well as places to buy cheese and sausage. Lots of people come down from Madison to visit, so there are many tourists. I visited the brewery on a Saturday, and it was crowded. The tasting room had a line out the door, but for $6 you get a pint glass and beer to fill it with, …

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