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Down the road from Barraga towards Bruce Crossing there are many niches to explore just off M28. Agate Falls can be seen from a roadside park. There is a train trellis overtop. I wished there were hiking trails so that I could scope out the bottom of the falls, but alas, there were none. Bond Falls is a short drive down a very picturesque country road from M28. Sidenote: it’s just outside of Paulding, which you may have heard of since it is famous for it’s “Mysterious light.” There is apparently a place there where you can see a strange light coming from the woods if you are there at night (I do not venture out much …

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The halo is caused by a reflection of light on the ice crystals from very high cirrus clouds. It is said that “a ring around the moon means rain soon.” We’ll see. This is also the night of the Hunter’s moon, which means the full moon rises earlier than normal, meaning more light to hunt by. A ring around the Hunter’s moon? Stormy hunting? Good sign? Bad sign? Depends on who’s the prey, I guess.

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Down a pretty lonely road surrounding Indian Lake outside of Manistique, MI, there is a state park called Palms Brook. It contains what the signs refer to as “Kitch-i-ti-kipi” or “Big Spring.” It is, in fact, the largest spring in Michigan, and, I will venture to say, the most beautiful. The park is small. The only trail leads straight to the spring, because, hey, what else would you want to look at? The color is a deep turquoise. This is from the minerals which bubble up from the bottom. Huge fish (“Maybe carp?” ventures one of the tourists) swim below the surface, which is clear as glass. A small ferry with a viewing cutout in the middle …

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  Today my mother and I were convinced by our island guides Betty and Ken, that we visit a little-known spot, deep in the woods on the west side of the island, where you can pick fresh wild cranberries in the fall. A wild cranberry bog! We loaded up in our Beaver Island limo, and set off. The hike was lovely, the weather perfectly sunny and warm. Monty and Niko had their trail vests on as we hiked over a few hills. Now, let me explain something about the island, and probably upper Michigan in general. There ARE public lands for hunting and hiking, etc. There are also private lands for these things. But the further north …

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I’ve gone almost 400 miles since yesterday morning, and I am spent. The campground last night graciously decided not to charge me for my stay (in that no particular person asked me for money). So I drove away pretty happy, although to be fair, it was a bit noisy and the electricity didn’t work. Lola performed beautifully under pressure as I strove to leave early this morning (I tried for 7 am, and finally pulled away about 8:30). Because the gas line was one of the things I never got around to fixing, I made my coffee with my little Coleman camp stove burner, a wonderful $30 buy on Amazon, and my aero press coffee maker. There …

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