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  Nothing lasts forever when you’re an unemployed travel blogger, especially not posh places on the beach. I knew that soon my adventures would have to take a hiatus while I looked for work to beef up the coffers. I knew soon that Lola and I would have to find somewhere cheap and decidedly more horrible to live. That’s why I chose to spend three glorious days at the Jalama Beach campground, just south of the air force base in Lompoc, CA. The beach is difficult to get to from the highway. It’s about 14 grueling, hilly miles on a road with no shoulder and many hairpin turns. I’d recommend making this trip either early in the …

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If you’re wondering why there has been a serious hiatus in posts lately, it’s because California is expensive. It would be one thing if everything was equally expensive, and it didn’t matter where I stayed. But no, things in Cali are a strange mix of “OH MY GOD HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY CHARGE THAT MUCH AND GET AWAY WITH IT?” and “Oh. It’s $5 extra.” What I’m trying to say is that prices are all over the place, and I’ve had a hard time finding a home base with internet. Hell, I’ve had a hard time finding places to stay AT ALL, and even when I do find something reasonable, it takes me a whole day of …

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Barstow California is a FUNNY little town. It is at the crossroads between two highways in the middle of the Mojave. I stayed one night at the Rainbow Basin Campground, which has a long washboard dirt road, no electricity and a lovely view of very DESOLATE desert. It was also 25 degrees at night. Only I can nearly freeze to death in the Mojave, I swear. It was chilly, but I had the dogs to keep me warm. I was a little glad of the cold, just cause, ya know, snakes come out when it’s hot. Eesh. In the morning I heard a huge boom, which I’m assuming was some kind of weapons testing at the nearby …

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I took the northern route out of Piedra Lumbre west, past Pedernal, towards Farmington and the Continental Divide. On the map, it looks like a flat plain. In a way, this is true. Going into the drive, I thought I would come out of mountainous territory and slope downward towards a place that resembled Texas. It was not like Texas. (Also, I had to take quick snap pictures as I went, because I was trying to avoid an impending snow storm. His name was apparently Cleon. Who names these things? If you click on the first photo, a slideshow of the drive between Piedra Lumbre and Page, Arizona will appear. It will be like you’re actually driving …

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Abiquiu, NM

On our last sunny Sunday in the Chama River Valley, Monty and Niko and I hiked to the top of Chimney Rock at Ghost Ranch Presbyterian Retreat. I have a soft spot in my heart for Ghost Ranch, because I spent several summers here growing up. I remember each little nook and cranny, all the paths, all the good rocks to climb, because as a kid I was always exploring. Okay, I’m still exploring, but in this particular place it brings back fond memories. Here is some perspective: Yeah, I know. I can hardly believe I was that high up either. Monty and Niko probably thought that was the top of the world. I had to tie …

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I know you feel awful for me, but I had to take a beautiful drive in order to do laundry and buy groceries. I’m not sure I could manage it all the time, but for the one time, I was VERY glad I needed such errands. The road from Ojo to Taos is long, smooth, flat and GORGEOUS. There are almost no trees in this part of Carson National Forest, and you can see for miles around. There is little development, besides a cattle farm here and a mobile home there. I drove almost 20 miles in the wrong direction, all the way to Tres Piedras, and I didn’t even care. Coming into Taos, you cross the …

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I spent two cloudy days in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the capitol, highest elevation of any capitol in the US. (Had I known this, I might have reconsidered.) The road from Tucumcari doesn’t SEEM that steep. The climb is gradual. However, Lola and I fought an awful headwind, and even going downhill could only manage 50 mph. I was constantly fiddling with Sacajewea’s air-con (A trick with old Jeep’s. Turning the ac on activates a secondary fan, which sucks more air into the engine, thus cooling it.). I even stopped once or twice, fearing that she would over-heat. She didn’t. She performed like a champ, and in our final leg of the journey the wind died down, …

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Not long after leaving the flat nothingness that is Texas on Route 66, the land began to rise and fall and gather color as I entered New Mexico. No trees appeared, but scrubby junipers grew more numerous, and the air took on a woodier fragrance. Eventually, Route 66 turned into little more than a dirt track, and I had to join Interstate 40, which out here means plenty of room for both me and Lola and the trucks. “Tucumcari Tonight” is the slogan of the little town just over the New Mexico border where I did, in fact, stay the night. The mountain that shadows the town has a big, white T painted on it, and you …

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