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Today I departed from my family’s place in Beaver Island, and headed North. Well, really I had to head South for a bit. Then I headed North, and then West for a bit…I’m getting ahead of myself. Bright and early this morning I boarded the Beaver Island Ferry, named the Emerald Isle, which you may remember I missed by a few minutes earlier last week. I didn’t hold a grudge, however, and my mother was very keen on waking me up in time for breakfast, so there was no worry about it leaving without me again. The sunrise was beautiful over the water. The winds were finally calm. Monty and Niko were eager to leave, but I …

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2013-09-28 12.05.51

I’ve gone almost 400 miles since yesterday morning, and I am spent. The campground last night graciously decided not to charge me for my stay (in that no particular person asked me for money). So I drove away pretty happy, although to be fair, it was a bit noisy and the electricity didn’t work. Lola performed beautifully under pressure as I strove to leave early this morning (I tried for 7 am, and finally pulled away about 8:30). Because the gas line was one of the things I never got around to fixing, I made my coffee with my little Coleman camp stove burner, a wonderful $30 buy on Amazon, and my aero press coffee maker. There …

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Well, it’s been a big day! Lola and I set off about 9 o’clock this morning. I was so nervous, I nearly forgot the dogs. It took 6 months of planning, weeks of preparing, days of packing and storing stuff, and hours of driving, but here I am. Cadillac, Michigan at the state park camp ground. The drive was better than I thought it might be. State road 31 cuts straight through the heart of Indiana, a flat, uneventful drive full of cornfields. It gets a bit hillier in Michigan, though much looks the same. Grand Rapids is aptly named, not for a rushing river but for the lanes of rushing traffic that course through it even …

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