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After a slight hiatus, Roll On, Sweet Towlola is back! We're still in sunny California! Apologies for the lack of content over the holidays!


Why did no one tell me that clicking on gallery images sent you to a horrible attachment page?! Now, when you click the pretty little square images in their neat columns, a pleasant lightbox gallery will greet you instead! O.o


The feed for Towlola.com is now live! If you click the blue dog ear at the top right, it will open the sidebar where you can "subscribe". Put in your email, and get a daily update of my posts!

Sorry guys, I installed a plugin which will now auto-rotate my images. I am trying to fix the ones that are not properly rotated, but it will take time! Patience!

ou wouldn’t believe how much stuff fits in an 8×5 storage unit. I pride myself on the art of stacking, and boy is it a good thing that baby is 10 feet tall inside. I needed every square inch. I found myself suddenly wishing that I was a few years younger, and had acquired fewer things over the years. But I like my stuff. My antique desk, my fancy owl lamp, my copy of the Dark Knight trilogy on DVD…well whatever. I’ve got a LOT of it. Too much. You know it’s bad when I’m considering just throwing it all away to save myself the mumbo jumbo. “Do I really need this hard copy of iWork 2011?” …

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