The campgrounds in the North are beginning to close for the season, so my options are becoming more and more limited.

So one night I spent the night in a township campground that the internet designated as “free.” It’s as advertised, though the internet did not mention that you may not want to stay there unless it’s the height of summer and it’s full of tourists.

I was the only one there. I mean I was the only one camping there. There were no trees, no bushes, just a ball field and a lamp post and some hookups in fully view of the road. There was a shower house, which was clean. But it wasn’t really any of those things. It’s that it wasn’t really in a town per-se, more like a four way stop with a closed motel on the corner.

Something was hinky. I don’t know if it was just me, but something was definitely weird about this particular place. The hinkiness definitely settled in as two or three cars came and went in the wee hours of the morning as I peeked through the blinds, unable to sleep.

Okay, so nothing bad actually happened, but still, heebie-jeebies. I left. I was supposed to spend two nights there but I couldn’t hack it.

Beside the fact that it was creepy, there was snow in the forecast. Lola doesn’t do snow. In snowy conditions, I have to take off the sway control. I don’t even want to think about what driving would be like in those conditions.

So, I head for Wisconsin. I get to the next town to try to find a new place to camp. I hope for a nice State Campground or resort, because, hell, I deserve it. Given the number of tiny lakes around, I thought I would have a ton of options. There were two. One was down a long road into the woods, which I followed. I got to the wrong campground first, and came upon a tribal campground with sacred circles and people living in tents. This was NOT the creepy one, but I was not allowed to stay. Then I found what I was looking for which was down an even seedier road and found what looked to be a bunch of mobile homes and trailers which hadn’t moved anywhere since 1980. There were no spots even open. Yet I saw no one. Super creeped, I left.

So then I get to my only other option which appropriately is called “Borderline RV.” Presumably it is because it resides on the border between Michigan and Wisconsin. It’s not…heebie-jeebies worthy…but… Same situation. There looked to be a ton of people living in their trailers here, but I saw NOBODY. There’s nobody there and yet there’s hardly any room! Some of the trailers are nice…and some of them are not. There’s one or two that have definitely just been abandoned. The shower house is nice. There’s internet (hell, for $25?), but no cell service. Registration was just throwing some money in a slot, even though it was only 4:30 and there was definitely somebody behind the door. It wasn’t BAD…but it was Borderline.

So, I’m not sure if it was just this particular town, or Northern Wisconsin in general, but it appears that people rent space in private campgrounds for the season and then leave for the winter. Or leave forever. In any case, my night at Borderline was fairly peaceful. Nobody was there to bother me, and it was very quiet. I did meet the owner the next morning, who seemed a little astonished that I was there at all, which may explain the creep factor. Creepy campgrounds, or not, at least I got my money’s worth.

More to come on that later.

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