Hiking is like life. Sometimes, you take the same walk for the hundredth time, thinking you’ll get the same old path, and find a hillside full of wildflowers instead.

After much patience, and way too many emails, walking the same old paths to employment, we finally found a great job beyond the mountains! The big city is calling, so Lola and I were enjoying a few of our last days in the desert before rolling on. Monty and Niko and I hiked high into the hills. It was amazing, not only to see things growing again, but thriving in this desert dust. Everywhere we turned was a new type of flower: asters, poppies, beebalm, cactus, yucca, and several types I’ve never encountered in the flatlands. I loved the bell-shaped, purple-petaled ones. They grew only on sides of the hill where afternoon sun shone.

What a gorgeous day for a farewell hike! It just goes to show you, when you expect nothing, the world is full of surprises.