Well, it’s been a big day! Lola and I set off about 9 o’clock this morning. I was so nervous, I nearly forgot the dogs. It took 6 months of planning, weeks of preparing, days of packing and storing stuff, and hours of driving, but here I am.

Cadillac, Michigan at the state park camp ground.

The drive was better than I thought it might be. State road 31 cuts straight through the heart of Indiana, a flat, uneventful drive full of cornfields. It gets a bit hillier in Michigan, though much looks the same. Grand Rapids is aptly named, not for a rushing river but for the lanes of rushing traffic that course through it even at 2 pm on a Friday. Sheesh.

Let me take a side note here. When you’re in an urban area and there is traffic merging on and off the highway, you have to drive alongside all sorts of vehicles. Trucks, vans, cars, and of course, slow-ass jeeps towing vintage campers. So when you come across someone merging, be it from the right or (my new worst nightmare) from the left, try to let them in. Try not to curse at them loudly while speeding around them on the right in a constant stream of cars that does not allow them to get over AT ALL. They are not trying to hold you up. Trust me. My slow-ass does not live in the left lane.

Anyway. The point is apart from some hairy moments near Grand Rapids, the drive was pleasant enough. The sway control did its job, and trucks were able to pass me without throwing me in a ditch. Busses are now the main enemy, as well as dump trucks and men in pickups.

Another side note. When passing someone with a trailer, it’s okay to get over well before you reach their bumper. When you swerve into the left lane directly behind them, it pushes a wall of air in a weird direction right on the back corner of the trailer, causing sway. Just get over earlier. I swear, I’m not doing 55 just to annoy you, I’m trying to be safe. Try to help me be safe by getting over to pass earlier.

Okay. Lesson over.

The campground is lovely and quiet and fronts a nice sized lake. Nobody harassed me on the way in, and all I have to do is drop money in a box and park wherever there’s a spot. I forgot an extension cord, so as of right now I’m off grid. Good ol’ batteries will keep the computer working anyway. Plus, no lights gives it a slightly more romantic edge, don’t you think?


Not much to report as far as pie and old things yet. I’m headed to Charlevoix tomorrow to get on the ferry to Beaver Island to meet my family! After that there will be many more posts about pie and old things. Swear it.