On our last sunny Sunday in the Chama River Valley, Monty and Niko and I hiked to the top of Chimney Rock at Ghost Ranch Presbyterian Retreat.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Ghost Ranch, because I spent several summers here growing up. I remember each little nook and cranny, all the paths, all the good rocks to climb, because as a kid I was always exploring. Okay, I’m still exploring, but in this particular place it brings back fond memories.

Here is some perspective:


Yeah, I know. I can hardly believe I was that high up either. Monty and Niko probably thought that was the top of the world. I had to tie them to a tree in order to get a few good pictures. Monty’s not so great about staying away from the edge. Going up, it’s kind of nice having them to pull me. It’s not a long path, despite what it looks like, and we made good time. Going down, however, was a little nerve wracking. We made it though, without a scratch, to stroll around the ranch a little, taking in the sunset.