I haven’t been cliff diving, but I did find pie!

I’m in Hermitage, MO at Pomme de Terre Lake State Park. In French, Pomme de Terre means literally “apple of the Earth” which in English, means potato. I’m at Potato Lake. The Hermitage side campground definitely rivals Thompson Causeway (IL) and Indian Lake (MI) for most beautiful campground I’ve stayed in. It may be possible I’m biased because there are more deer than people at this campground, as in, I have it all to myself. There is a ton of wildlife here, and I’ve even seen ANOTHER bald eagle. I swear, I’ve never seen a bald eagle in the wild in my life and now I’ve seen five. There are still a few fall colors happening, and the weather yesterday was lovely.

I don’t know what that ferny grass is, but I want some.

The surrounding area includes an interesting dam and many pastures containing cows. Nico has, more than once, tried to jump out the window at the oblivious heifers. Maybe because he thinks they’re giant dogs, or possibly maybe he’s just craving a juicy steak, I don’t know.

Today I had a hankering for greasy diner food, so I headed into Hermitage where I found the “Coffee Shop.” I could tell just from the sign that I would like it. Once inside the tiny diner, which had two booths and five or six small bar stools, I ordered coffee (obviously) and a hot ham and cheese. I was prompted by the two friendly waitresses weather I wanted fries or susie-q’s. Obviously, I chose susie-q’s, because I don’t know what those are. They are curly fries, in case you’re wondering. The food was just perfect: hot, greasy, cheap but made with care. The Coffee Shop has been open for business for 50 years, Stephanie, one of the waitresses informed me. She’s in charge of making the pies.

Oh man, did my ears perk up right quick.

Today the pie was peanut butter. Mmm-mm-MMM. Everybody who came in had asked what the pie today was, so I knew it had to be good. Stephanie informed me that she was “known” for her pies, which is probably the best thing you can say about somebody, in my opinion. Of course, the pie was delicious and the serving enormous. I highly recommend the peanut butter pie/coffee combination in general.