So, guys, this is the primary reason that I haven’t posted for a couple weeks:

I was too busy sitting in hot springs.

Yeah, I know, tragic.

Ojo Caliente (hot eyes) is a tiny, tiny town north of Santa Fe and south of Taos. The Ojo Caliente Mineral Spa is at the foot of some beautiful hills and hiking trails. And there is an RV park at the spa, maybe 200 yards from the springs. Need I say more?

Confession time: I have been to the springs before, but never stayed longer than a day or two. The hotel is a little pricey, maybe not for west-coaster’s, but it’s more than 100 bucks a night. The campground is $20 bucks and night and you can pay a little more to go into the spa. Hell, I spent two weeks. They gave me two nights free. Hah!

The hotel has a few separate areas, but the most interesting is the historic hotel, which has a dozen small rooms, a wine bar and a tiny, charming restaurant. There is a kiva fireplace in the entrance area, and I spent lots of time on the couches there, warming myself and writing. When the sun was warm enough I sat on the porch, with its comfy rocking chairs and well-worn wood. It is now my opinion that every hotel should have such a porch, because it felt very much like being at ‘home’ (wherever that is now).

The spa itself has seven different mineral pools, all fed by the hot spring beneath the ground. The waters are all filled with different minerals: soda, iron, arsenic, etc. The mud pool has a pot of wet, red mud, right from the ground near the spa, that you can slather on and bake in the sun. Each soaking pool is a different temperature. Because it’s November, I preferred the blistering hot ones: iron and arsenic. The iron pool is particularly lovely because it has a natural bottom with little pockets of heat and bubbles that surprise you. Also, because it’s November, I shared the pools with mostly senior retirees. This was nice because it was very quiet, and I had plenty of time to meditate, work on my stories, and read a book or two. On weekends, of course, it became a little busier, and people sharing the pools got a little chatty before cocktail hour. No harm, because I met several interesting folks from around the area. Everyone seemed to smile when I told them I was from Indiana, maybe because it seems so far away. One began singing Tom Petty almost immediately.

They stock all the shower