The campgrounds in the North are beginning to close for the season, so my options are becoming more and more limited. So one night I spent the night in a township campground that the internet designated as “free.” It’s as advertised, though the internet did not mention that you may not want to stay there unless it’s the height of summer and it’s full of tourists. I was the only one there. I mean I was the only one camping there. There were no trees, no bushes, just a ball field and a lamp post and some hookups in fully view of the road. There was a shower house, which was clean. But it wasn’t really any …

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Down the road from Barraga towards Bruce Crossing there are many niches to explore just off M28. Agate Falls can be seen from a roadside park. There is a train trellis overtop. I wished there were hiking trails so that I could scope out the bottom of the falls, but alas, there were none. Bond Falls is a short drive down a very picturesque country road from M28. Sidenote: it’s just outside of Paulding, which you may have heard of since it is famous for it’s “Mysterious light.” There is apparently a place there where you can see a strange light coming from the woods if you are there at night (I do not venture out much …

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The halo is caused by a reflection of light on the ice crystals from very high cirrus clouds. It is said that “a ring around the moon means rain soon.” We’ll see. This is also the night of the Hunter’s moon, which means the full moon rises earlier than normal, meaning more light to hunt by. A ring around the Hunter’s moon? Stormy hunting? Good sign? Bad sign? Depends on who’s the prey, I guess.

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It rained a cold, heavy rain today. It is supposed to rain for many more days and there are few places to camp this far north. I trekked another 40 minutes north in Sacajewea to see if I could find a couple neat places to visit before heading south for the hills. By the time I had found the mine my feet and shoulders were soaked. These are excuses for why I did not travel further, as I hear the north shore of the UP of the UP is gorgeous. That being said, I’m sure it is less gorgeous when it’s pouring rain. In any case, if you’re visiting the UP, definitely try to get up as …

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The drive from Munising to Barraga was not a fun one. There were a great many hills accompanied by most unpleasant traffic, and of course my gas mileage was awful. Lola and I can only do about 45 uphill, and only 40 up a big hill. So though I passed a great many interesting sites that I’m sure were wonderful, I did not stop because I was excited to get off the road. By the time I arrived in Barraga it was cloudy and threatening rain, but I could see how beautiful it must be on a sunny day. Even the curve of the road as you enter the Keweenaw bay area is lovely. Barraga is named …

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Down a long and beautiful country road on the Garden peninsula of the U.P. is the tiny ghost town of Fayette. It was once a huge iron ore refinery with docks, blast furnaces, a limestone quarry, stores and even an opera house. It was home to almost 500 people in the late 1800’s, and was run by the Jackson Iron Company. Soon after the company closed its doors, the town followed suit, and has been abandoned since the early 1900’s. The State Park is in charge of keeping things tidy in the old ghost town, and in my opinion it’s altogether too tidy. The grass is nicely trimmed, the buildings have new roofs and new siding…for some …

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Right now, Reader, it is 8 o’clock at night and I am sitting in a parking lot. And I am pleasantly surprised. Okay, so it’s not the Hilton, and it’s a little noisy, but it’s reasonably safe, and I’ve got power for this lovely computer. Lola and I are in a casino parking lot, just off the main road outside Munising, MI. There are about 6 spots labeled “RV parking” and they have access boxes with 50 and 30 watt power hook-ups. It’s Friday, so the casino is pretty busy, and people are coming and going. An engine starts every once in a while, and I’m glad that I have curtains. But having been on many road …

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