I know you feel awful for me, but I had to take a beautiful drive in order to do laundry and buy groceries. I’m not sure I could manage it all the time, but for the one time, I was VERY glad I needed such errands.

The road from Ojo to Taos is long, smooth, flat and GORGEOUS. There are almost no trees in this part of Carson National Forest, and you can see for miles around. There is little development, besides a cattle farm here and a mobile home there. I drove almost 20 miles in the wrong direction, all the way to Tres Piedras, and I didn’t even care.

Coming into Taos, you cross the Rio Grand Gorge, which is about what it sounds like, a big, deep crevasse. I didn’t snap a photo, because it was getting dark and there was traffic. The town itself was quite busy the day before Thanksgiving. I did my laundry at the Spin and Sparkle and looked out the window at the reflected sunset on the mountain as people bustled around. Not a bad time, really. Everyone at the grocery seemed to know one another, which is a good sign in any town this big. The cashiers were chatty and smiling, despite the fact that it was probably the busiest day of the year. I guess I’m saying, if I had to live here, you could twist my arm. I was very comfortable, and if I liked skiing, it would be perfect.