you wouldn’t believe how much stuff fits in an 8×5 storage unit. I pride myself on the art of stacking, and boy is it a good thing that baby is 10 feet tall inside. I needed every square inch. I found myself suddenly wishing that I was a few years younger, and had acquired fewer things over the years. But I like my stuff. My antique desk, my fancy owl lamp, my copy of the Dark Knight trilogy on DVD…well whatever. I’ve got a LOT of it. Too much. You know it’s bad when I’m considering just throwing it all away to save myself the mumbo jumbo.

“Do I really need this hard copy of iWork 2011?”


“No wait. Really? Are you sure?”

::Digs out of trash::

::Stares at it for a while::

“AHHHH! Why can’t I decide?!”

And so on.

The beauty of living in a trailer is that you only need one of everything. You don’t need extra anything, and everything you do have has a purpose.

The worst part of living in a trailer is that you only need one of everything. You can’t have anything extra, and anything without a purpose just becomes baggage. This leads to the “throw it away” attitude or “store it someplace, until I maybe will need it someday, maybe not, I don’t know…toss me that hardbound thesaurus I’ll put it in the box labeled ‘misc!'” attitude.

I have about 10 “misc” boxes in my storage unit. It’s awful. I just haven’t been bred to throw things away. I would like it if I COULD throw things away and never worry about it, but the fact is that as soon as I throw it away, I want it back, I think I need it, and I know I “can’t afford another like it! I’m just throwing money away!” In my head, I sound justified. Sure, I’ve never had a lot of money. Sure, I’ll have a house in the future. Of course it makes sense to keep every god-damned-piece-of-what-not that I’ve come across in life. Why shouldn’t I?

Because I’m paying $41 god damned dollars a month to let it rot, that’s why!

::Shakes head::

Anyway. It’s all put away now. I don’t have to think about it.

Until I find out I really need that “thingy”…now where did I…?