Down the road from Barraga towards Bruce Crossing there are many niches to explore just off M28.

Agate Falls can be seen from a roadside park. There is a train trellis overtop. I wished there were hiking trails so that I could scope out the bottom of the falls, but alas, there were none.

Bond Falls is a short drive down a very picturesque country road from M28. Sidenote: it’s just outside of Paulding, which you may have heard of since it is famous for it’s “Mysterious light.” There is apparently a place there where you can see a strange light coming from the woods if you are there at night (I do not venture out much after dark, alone.). Some kids from Michigan Tech gave evidence to debunk the myth in 2010, and using a telescope they saw that people were probably just seeing headlights. They recreated the light by driving their car down a certain stretch of road. Anyway, Paulding, just around the bend from Bond Falls.

The Falls themselves are a short and pleasant hike from a dam, but pay no mind because the falls are all natural. The path winds around the river which has several stepping stone falls to the major fall at the bottom. The sound is spectacular. The smell is a little fishy.

Monty was not sure about the whole thing.