We woke up to MORE SNOW.

IMG_7106 IMG_7102 IMG_7105

Even though I’m sure that it was gorgeous, I’m pretty glad that we drove the road down into the canyon at night before it iced over. I took one look at it in the morning and I knew that there was no way I’d be able to go back that way.

At least the wind had died down a bit and the sun had come out, so Monty and Niko and I hit the Pa’rus trail. It is the only trail in the park where dogs are allowed, and it snakes along the bottom of the canyon along the beautiful Virgin River. We took many pictures of snow covered canyon walls and met many deer, who were not AT ALL afraid of us. (That night I pointed a flashlight into the darkness and saw a dozen pairs of eyes looking back.)

The next day I spent photographing the sites of Zion Canyon. The Weeping Rock was covered in gorgeous, yet deadly, icicles. The Big Bend was shadowed from the low sun. An eight point buck and his herd relaxed in the Grotto, and the Virgin River bubbled and surged from the snowmelt. It was gorgeous, and I think I was lucky to visit when I did, even if it was bitterly cold. I can’t imagine how crowded it must get in the summer. I was one of maybe four campers in the campground, but there were hundreds of spots. In summer you have to wait for shuttles to take you around the park. I winter I was able to drive and park at leisure wherever I wanted. Though I cannot recommend the drive in, the park itself is lovely in winter.